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321 Stainless Steel Round Bar (Bright/Black Finish)

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Production procedure:
Raw elements (C, Fe, Ni, Mn, Cr and Cu), smelted into ingots by AOD finery, hot rolled into black surface, pickling into acid liquid, polished by automatically machine and cutting into pieces

ASTM A276, A484, A564, A581, A582, EN 10272, JIS4303, JIS G 431, JIS G 4311 and JIS G 4318

Hot-rolled: Ø5.5 to 110mm
Cold-drawn: Ø2 to 50mm
forged: Ø110 to 500mm
Normal length: 1000 to 6000mm
Tolerance: h9&h11

Nice appearance of cold-rolled product gloss
Nice high temperature strength
Nice work-hardening (after processing weakly magnetic)
Non-magnetic state solution
Suitable for architectural, construction and other applications

Construction field, ships building industry
Decoration materials and outdoor publicity billboard
Bus inside and outside packaging and building and springs
Handrails, electroplating and electrolyzing pendants and foods
Corrosion- and abrasion-free to meet specific requirements of various machinery and hardware fields With wide experience and expertise,

Grades of stainless steel bar

Grade Grade Chemical Component %
C Cr Ni Mn P S Mo Si Cu N Other
321 1.4541 ≤0.08 17.00-19.00 9.00-12.00 ≤2.00 ≤0.045 ≤0.030 - ≤1.00 - - Ti5(C+N)~0.70
321H * 0.04-0.10 17.00-19.00 9.00-12.00 ≤2.00 ≤0.045 ≤0.030 - ≤1.00 - - Ti5(C+N)~0.70

Basic information

321 stainless steel bar, also known as UNS S32100 and Grade 321, is primarily comprised of 17% to 19% chromium, 12% nickel, .25% to 1% silicon, 2% maximum manganese, traces of phosphorus and sulfur, 5 x (c + n) .70% titanium, with the balance being iron. With regards to corrosion resistance, 321 is equivalent to Grade 304 in the annealed condition and is superior if the application involves service in the 797° to 1652° F range. Grade 321 combines high strength, resistance to scaling and phase stability with resistance to subsequent aqueous corrosion.


The 321 stainless round steel bar is a versatile material that finds its application in a wide range of industries. It is commonly used in the manufacturing industry, construction industry, and even in the automotive industry. This type of bar is ideal for use in buildings, bridges, and other structures due to its high strength and corrosion resistance.

This is valuable in the manufacturing industry to create pipes, boilers, tanks, and other machinery components. It is also used in the automotive industry to create car bodies and auto parts by welding them with aluminum or other metals.

It can typically be a rod or tube with a circular cross-section, made by rolling or extrusion. The bar is popular in construction and engineering applications to form structural shapes such as channels, angles, I-beams, and H-beams.

Moreover, it can be cut into various sizes and shapes to suit the project requirements. It is commonly used as a reinforcing material for concrete or other building materials.

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