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QN1803/304D/1.4376 Stainless Steel Sheet Plate

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QN1803 304D STAINLESS STEEL SHEET is a general-purpose steel with good corrosion resistance, better thermal conductivity than austenite, smaller thermal expansion coefficient than austenite, heat-resistant fatigue, adding stabilizing element titanium, and good mechanical properties of welds.

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QN1803 (304D) Stainless Steel
Cold rolling thickness 0.3 -- 3.0 mm
Hot rolling thickness 3.0 -- 12.0mm
Complete specifications! A standing stock of one thousand tons.
Can open, strip, roll.
Widely used in building roof wall, gutter, gutter, water tank tower, decoration engineering, decoration pipe, distribution cabinet, container, elevator industry, food machinery, tableware kitchen equipment, animal husbandry equipment and other industries!
QN1803 has better corrosion resistance and mechanical properties than 304!
What 304 can do, 304D can also do, and the price is much cheaper than 304. High nitrogen, nickel section, corrosion resistance, antibacterial food grade stainless steel new stainless steel material.
Spot inventory support to ensure delivery

Product Specification and Size of 304D:
2):WIDTH: 12MM-2200MM
3):LENGTH: 12MM-12000MM
4):SURFACE: NO.1, 1D, 2D, 2B, 4N, HL, BA, Mirror, etc.
5):AISI 304, 304D,304L, 316L, 316Ti, 321, 309S, 310S, 201, 202, 430, etc.

Chemical Composition
C :≤0.12%
Si :≤0.75%
Mn :≤1.00%
P :≤0.040%
S :≤0.030%
Ni :≤0.60%
Cr :16.00~18.00%

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